About the LottaGame Brand



Started from humble beginnings, Founder Najeal Young, has dedicated his life to basketball for the past 19 years. He has played at all levels from club, to high school through college and professional. He believes deeply in the movement behind LottaGame.


What is LottaGame?

What Is LottaGame?
LottaGame is a state of mind, it’s an achievement, its a belief in oneself. The dove within the logo symbolizes peace and elevation of the mind, body and spirit. LottaGame aims to bring our supporters that same feeling. That state of mind is a source of peace where they can refocus on themselves and their personal values, while also encouraging them to elevate to new heights in life. LottaGame holds a higher admiration for the commitment and discipline it takes to reach that kind of peace. It also symbolizes a heighten sense of self empowerment and self-awareness which we believe are the main tools needed to achieve greatness within oneself.  LottaGame encourages our supporters to never settle, never quit.